Nursery Reminder Dates For June

Sports day- Wednesday the 7th @ 9am ( All parents/carers/Grand parents welcome)

Transition – Friday the 9th @ 1.30-3 ( P1-3 classroom ) & Reports home

Gentlemen’s Tea @ 10am ( Dads / Grandas welcome) & Numeracy Focus

Transition – Thursday the 15th @ 1.30-3 ( P1-3 classroom )

Transition- Friday the 16th ( Lunch in the canteen )

Nursery Trip- Strathspey Railway and play park all day trip. (Packed lunch required or Grab and Go if you have requested this.

Transition- Thursday the 22nd 9.30-1 ( P1-3 classroom ) includes lunch

Leavers Assembly Wednesday the 28th @ 2pm Everyone Welcome (Nursery children will receive a certificate and take part in singing)

Last Day – Thursday the 29th at 12noon.πŸ˜ƒ

The Nursery Team😊


A Sunny Start to the Week!🌞

It was such a sunny morning on Monday so most of the children opted to play outside. We saw some great Hula Hooping skills, matching and sorting animals, chasing bubbles and just general fun!!!!😊

The girls painted some sun and rain pictures to go with our rainbow for our display.

On Tuesday it was a lovely, sunny day again and so there was lots of outside play.

Inside some of us were starting to learn about what our flowers might look like and also the names of the different parts of flowers and plants. We had an art activity and some of us made some lovely flower pictures.πŸ’

The older children spent some time with Mrs Moss outside in the school garden.

Wednesday……The sun wasn’t shining in the morning but we still had lots of fun in the garden, then the sun came out after lunch🌞

Thursday and a busy morning of free play………

Friday…..We had a visit from two lambs today. Ben and Lee-Roy were their names. The children got a chance to feed them and hold them if they wanted too. Thank you very much to Andrea for providing this opportunity to the children.

Some other snaps of our day.

We hope you all have a lovely long weekend.

The Nursery Team

Change to Transition Date

We have had to change one transition date from Wednesday the 21st of June to Friday the 16th of June. This had to be changed due to a change of date for our trip. This transition will let the Nursery children that are going to school go for lunch in the canteen.

Thank you

The Nursery Team

Sports Day πŸ₯‡πŸƒ

We plan to have our Nursery Sports Day on 7th June first thing in the morning. We would like to invite parents, carers, grandparents etc etc etc to join us. The plan is to be out on the field by about 9.15 and finish off with ice creams around 10am.

Please remember sun cream and hats especially if it’s a hot day and also to wear your trainers! 😊

We look forward to seeing you all then .

Thank you

The Nursery Team

Here we go, another new week!…..

We have had a really busy morning all doing all different things!!!

On Tuesday we had a busy morning both inside and out!

Some people did some hand painting and we are going to cut them out and use them to make a rainbow.

Some of us did some number work………

The day before some people asked for the Duplo to be outside and so that’s what we did and we saw some really good construction.

A busy Wednesday….

On Thursday we cut out our hands for our rainbow and started to glue them on outside in the sunshine. Everyone helped in some way and we saw some really good cutting skills.

We had the peg boards out and some children tried to follow a pattern.

Some children asked for musical instruments and we had some very enthusiastic musicians!!

We made our own cheese sandwiches for snack. They were delicious!

Friday….After a late start this morning we had a short morning of play. 5 children went for transition to the Primary 1-3 class and they had morning break with the school children. The 2 children that were in nursery enjoyed some time with Mrs Simpson.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Nursery Team😊

Sun Cream Reminder…….

Thank you to everyone for providing suncream for the children. Can we please politely remind you to apply in the morning before the children arrive. This would really help us and it means the children are ready to go outside if they want to. We will of course re-apply after lunch.

As always thank you.

The Nursery TeamπŸ˜ƒ

First Full Week For Ages.

It’s Monday and we came in to find that some of our butterflies had emerged from their cocoons so we very carefully have put some oranges and sugar water in for them to feed on. We are just waiting for the other two to emerge now.

Also over the weekend our cress had grown so well!!

The older children went to P1 for some transition and joined the rest of the school for playtime and while they did that the others made some playdough. They were so good at taking turns to do the mixing.

On Tuesday we came in and another one of the butterflies had emerged. We had a good look at them and we’ve added in some little flowers for them. πŸŒ·πŸ’

We painted some beautiful butterflies. We used our cutting skills and then folded them in half and painted on one side of the butterfly wings. After that we folded them over and pressed down hard to create the same pattern on the other wing.

Some of the children have learnt today that this is symmetry. What a big word!!!😊

And above some pics of what else was happening today.

Wednesday…..Today we were wearing GREEN to support a charity of Robert Andrew Munro.

RAM Foundations DIPG Awareness Day

We raised Β£132.50 through out the whole school. Thank you very much to everyone who very kindly put in a donation.

Today…we started practicing for our sports day yesterday and some children decided to continue this on today. Great fun! We seen some good throwing, jumping,and running skills.

Some other snaps of our day……

We have been reading a book called “How to catch a Rainbow” and learning all about how rainbows happen and what colours are in them.

We are thinking we might make a rainbow using painted handprints. Lots of colour recognition to learn!

A few more pics of today…….

Friday…..First thing we had a special visitor who came in for settling in. Marnie got on great and was very much fussed over by the girls. As the morning went on we went for a play in a part of the field. Lots of jumping and cycling around on the trikes.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

The Nursery Team

A new week…….

After a lovely long weekend it’s Tuesday already!!!

Today we had a lovely morning where some of the children chose to play outside in the sunshine and some dotted in and out.

Some of the children helped to wash out the planters ready to plant some seeds

Inside some people were keen to work on number jigsaws and puzzles. They were very good at counting!

We are trying really hard to look after our teeth in nursery 😁😊😁

Wednesday….It was time to transfer the cacoons over to the net to get them ready for turning into butterflies. This started a conversation about what the butterflies eat and someone said ‘flowers,oranges.’ This led us on to planting and growing our own flowers. Watch this space!

Some snaps from the activities we were doing….

On Thursday morning we did lots of planting. Everyone planted their own pot of cress and we learnt that we need to water them and then hopefully we can have egg and cress sandwiches!!

We also planted some Nasturtium Seeds which will hopefully give us some lovely colourful flowers if we get some sunshine and showers. 🌞

We have also started to learn about coins and money so some of us were playing with purses, real money and the tills. We have been looking at 1p, 2p, 5p,10p and 20p. This is something you could do with your children at home if they are interested. It’s never to early to learn about money!! 🀣

And a few more pics from today………

A fun Friday inside and outside……

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

The Nursery TeamπŸ™‚

Change Of Date

Unfortunately we have had to change the date of our trip. We have managed to secure the steam railway and the bus for the 21st of June. The trip will no longer go ahead on the 17th of May.

More details to follow nearer the time.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The Nursery Team.

It’s May already!!…… 🌷

We hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday Weekend and can’t believe it’s May already!!!

On Tuesday we read the book The Hungry Caterpillar and some of the children used their artistic skills to do some fantastic Caterpillar pictures.

The book also helped us to understand the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

The Nursery 4 children had their first transition day today where they went over to the School Canteen for lunch.

Mrs Simpson took them for a story into the P1 classroom, they washed hands in the school bathrooms and then they went over to the canteen and had lunch. They all ate really well. πŸ™‚

Wednesday….Today we had a tough tray with things we might need for school. This encouraged roleplay, great conversations, writing and dressing up.

The children remembered to have a look at a spider web in the nursery garden that we noticed a fly caught in the web on Tuesday. The fly was gone.

” The spider has eaten it”

Other activities we got up to today…

On Thursday we did some baking for the teaparty on Friday. We made fairy cakes using our baking skills. We all had to wash our hands and then we took turns to measure, weigh and mix and then we had to bake them in the oven.

Some of us also made crowns using our fine motor skills to stick on jewels and sparkles and if we want to we can wear them to the teaparty on Friday.

We iced our cakesπŸŽ‚

Friday Fun…..

We had our picnic lunch inside as we felt it was a little bit cold and windy for a picnic outdoors.

We hope you have a lovely long weekendπŸ™‚

The Nursery Team